Welcome to investors

Money for ?

We need capital :
  • to expand the company's visibility
  • to increase the team size in Europe and Africa
  • to suggest more commercial services

Why to choose us ?

You are here, so you know the African market KPIs.

Our aim : Being a key player in the African business success

With our own money, we do a complete offering to start and progress in Africa. The websites exist and are used !

  • A solution to recruit executives with African expertise and skills : AFRI-EMPLOI.com. 67000 Facebook fans in 45 countries and beta-users.
  • A solution to promote products and services : DRH-Afrique.com. First customers.
  • A solution to have a digital strategy : the agency LVnextcentury. First customers.
We can do more with your participation.

Why the services are in french ?

Most of African countries are French-speaking. 26 of them have French as mother tongue or secondary language. The French-speaking market is new and the growth rate is good.

We have the will to develop the services in English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking areas in the next years. English-speaking business services are provided, but more funds are needed for launch.

Our growth

  • 1st step : 02/2015 - 11/2015
    • February : The 3 first services are opened.
    • March : Candidate to IT-Night (Paris event, semi-final)
    • April : First beta-user to Afri-Emploi.com
    • May : First ITW (in french)
    • June : First customer for DRH-Afrique.com
    • July : First customer for LVnextcentury
    • August : 40000 Facebook fans for AFRI-EMPLOI.com (jobboard)
    • September : 50000 Facebook fans for AFRI-EMPLOI.com (jobboard)
    • October : 67000 Facebook followers for AFRI-EMPLOI.com (jobboard)
    • November : Web Summit Dublin (programm Start-up Alpha)

  • 2nd step : ... be our angel to know !


The context

  • France (Paris)
  • 21 January 2015
  • No fundraising

The founders

We work hard, we are ambitious and we agree to enter the capital serious investors

  • Mme Veronique da Costa
    France (Europe)
    Digital since 2000 (HR Project manager & marketing strategy)
    Strategy and Management

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